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About Homeland Title
At Homeland Title we are on a team that consists of all the stakeholders in a real estate transaction: Our Homeland team, Realtors, Lenders and other title company professionals. We believe that Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

Founded by a small group of dedicated professionals

Our exceptional service and security have won the respect of homeowners, buyers, realtors, builders, lenders, and business people throughout the area. Today, we have handled over 19,000 real estate transactions and operate in Franklin and Spring Hill, Tennessee.

We search the property and provide title curative services through our licensed title agents and attorneys on staff. In addition, our Settlement Services Officers collect, protect, balance and disburse all of the money for the purchase. We handle the closing and ultimately issue a Title Insurance Policy after your transaction closes from the largest and most financially stable underwriter in the industry.

We strive for superior Escrow and Title services, whether the transaction involves a single-family home, condo, refinance, or construction loan. We are glad to help and look forward to closing your next transaction.

Our Mission

To provide peace of mind to everyone in a real estate transaction. To protect the property rights of buyers, the funds of the seller and the lien rights of the creditors.

Our Core Values


Our staff is always here to guide buyers, sellers, and Realtors through the closing process. We want to make sure everyone feels welcomed and cared for when they walk through the door. Though buying and selling can be a stressful process, at Homeland we want to help alleviate that stress.


We are accurate with our work. It is important that we get the numbers right. We find solutions and describe them carefully and confidently. We explain contract terms and the math behind the numbers understandably, accurately and honestly.


We work daily and diligently to provide the highest levels of security around our client’s money and private information.

Meet Our Team


Laura Perry


Jon Perry


Pam Smithson

Chief Operating Officer

Shane Corley

Settlement Services Officer

Jamie Ivey

Policy Specialist / Office Manager

Melinda Kirkham

Title Agent

Jackie Rudolph

Order Entry Specialist

Amanda Arthur

Title Agent Assistant

Shauna Daniels

Settlement Services Officer

Sarah Simmons

Sales Executive

Becky Burkhart

Accounting Manager

Kanetha Coffma

Closing Agent

Jessica Monteith

Settlement Services Assistant